Spa etiquette

Recommendations and useful information
We offer many different types of spa treatments and facilities. Prepare yourself and do a research on the treatments you are planning on booking. When you have checked in to the hotel, start your stay by orientating yourself around the resort and visiting the reception for general information.

To get the most out of the treatment, we recommend that you get sweaty! Exercise, steam bath or sauna is suitable before a treatment. This will soften your skin and warm up your body and muscular system.

Last stop before your treatment is the shower. It is not recommended to shower or bathe after a treatment, for you may lose the long term effect of the products. Many of the ingredients are concentrated and meant to remain on your skin for a couple of hours to reach their optimal effect.

Be on time

Check in with the spa reception at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. You will recieve a bathrobe, towel and slippers and will be shown to the changing room. Underwear shall be worn under the bathrobe. Take a seat in the spa lounge area and enjoy the tranquility with some refreshments – your therapist will come and meet you at the appointed time.

If you were to be late for your appointment, the treatment will be shortened accordingly and thus you will not get the most out of the treatment’s effect.

To consider before the treatment

While waiting, you are asked to fill out a form which will provide your therapist with information about you to ensure a successful day at the spa. If you take special medication, are pregnant, have high blood pressure or have other medical issues, please inform us. All information is confidential.

It is important to stay hydrated during your stay. Mobile phones should be switched off and stored along with other valuables in your locker. Now is the time to exclude yourself from your hectic life and enjoy the peace and quiet. Smoking is not allowed at the spa facility. Our desire is to ensure you the best possible experience of wellbeing, tranquility and total relaxation.

Welcome to the wonderful world of wellness!

If you are unable to make an appointment, please let us know at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled treatment.